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Welcome to Farm Forestry Co. Ltd.

Formed in 1985 the company has primarily acted as forestry consultants and contractors to private woodland estates, but as a result of disenchantment with the lack of choice in tree protection we have over the past 5 years developed and trialled the British Continental Fine Mesh Shelter as an alternative to tube type protection.

Continental Fine Mesh Shelters are manufactured under contract by a leading plastic mesh manufacturer in the UK, Balance Fine Mesh, and Eclipse Shelters are made under a similar arrangement with an alternative manufacturer, within the EEC.

In 1999 the company invested in a new production line in partnership with an existing family owned plastics company to manufacture Spiral Shelters.

Quality of manufacture is foremost - all products are used ‘in-house’ and trialled extensively throughout the UK. We feel that this gives us a leading edge on our competitors.

As foresters, we are primarily interested in growing trees and believe that the cost of protection is a necessary evil.

We continue to be amazed at how many high-cost tree shelters are currently used, many of which give rise to excessive maintenance costs, often needing to be cut off the trees they set out to protect.


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